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VectorVest ( is a stock analysis and portfolio management system founded by Dr. Bart DiLiddo. This website provides stock investing services – stock ratings, market timing information, sector analyses and investing education services. These services are provided for three primary geographic areas – US, Canada and Europe.

How does VectorVest work?

For every covered stock, VectorVest recommends a buy, hold or sell rating based on a proprietary model that focuses on “safe, undervalued stocks that are rising in price.”

The website offers a cornucopia of analytics, charts and graphs, lookup capabilities, and recommendations on buying/selling. Information is available at the company, industry and sector levels. VectorVest also addresses market timing, both intra-day and at the market level.

Is VectorVest Scam or Legit…??

So is it a scam? The answer is, no.

To be honest, VectorVest is a great program gives a buy, sell, or hold recommendation on every stock, every day. It is not the best trading system based on the Average Rating and Customer Responses. See how Vector Vest compared against the other top trading systems.

What are the necessary requirements for the best trading systems?


It must comply with the following

1. Success rate percentage in the past

2. Average wins percentage

3. Average holding length of a trade

4. Average percentage progress over the years

5. Free trial or money back guarantee

See how 'VectorVest' compared against the other top trading systems

Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for ‘VectorVest’

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Average rating:  
 30 reviews
by Don on Vector Vest
Pros(Option): lots of choices and plans
Cons(Option): hard to decide what to do

the first time I tried VV, I lost money on every trade but I liked the information they provide. I tried them again a couple years later and was wiser on what to do. I stuck with a couple canned searches that fit my investment style. results were 9 winners and 1 loser, profit of $25,000 (40%). Most of the gains came from one 10 bagger than I let run, but there were four others near 50% too. I was quite pleased. Summary - it's simple to use, but takes time and experience to master.

by john prkinson on Vector Vest
Pros(Option): love the real time. action. important.
Cons(Option): don't belive everthng u se

it' what u make it I use it to monitor my stocks to watch for a pull back on the stocks I want to buy, not what they recomand my stocks , I don't let anything/body. tell me what to do I run a solid 45-47% profit on my 4 ports. these figures are real at the Bank of MONTREAL here in montreal Canada. freaks out my finance people. so this little 6% profit the mutal funds co. wants u to thinkis great go to hell. and I will keep V.V. to get my super quick trades. all u have to do is graph all your stocks that u hold, and u run them page by page and see the action minite by minite I love this program, It's installed on all my computors. I will never change. quick is what I need.

by Patricia Huyck on Vector Vest

VV is a scam, They promote bad companies and have investors put their money there and then drop the company. I lost money.

by Jack on Vector Vest
Cons(Option): CAUTION when all you want is to try it out

Signed up for a 5 week trial. Didnt pay attention to the following checkbox and only realized that I got billed for the monthly $59 after my statement came in.Check to confirm*I understand that my credit card will be charged $9.95USD today and I will not be charged again until my 10-week trial ends. I also understand that if I cancel within the trial period, my credit card will NEVER be charged again.My advise to anyone who wants to try but not buy the full subscription is to be VERY careful to email them well before time that you want to cancel before the trial period. That way you can claim a refund if you still get charged.

by John on Vector Vest

I have subscribed to a number of services, VV being one. As a hint the best stocks to buy are the “HOLDS” not the “BUYS”. The “BUYS” are usually topping out. It is best to see holds with the RT rising for a week at least. Another way is to use “STOCKFETCHER.COM”, add the holds to a watchlist and wait for them to bottom out (RSI(2) < 5 ).In any case I don't think it is a scam, but I do think they are choosey about what they teach and in what time period. If you try it for all time periods based on the instructions, the results are poor.Yes, I agree, it is well over priced!Anybody know of any real good services? I am thinking of starting my own. My system seems to work the best.

by STEVE on Vector Vest

I used Vector Vest and got the same results as using Jim Cramer or any other prognostications. Results on my paper trading account were about 50/50 There is no way to predict 100% the way the market or stocks will move. It is fun using a paper trade account to track the success of these many programs. All in all for 9.95 for 5 weeks it is worth the fun.

by amelia t on Vector Vest

I got started with the 1-week trial. Then I was charged $59 on 2/6. I submitted 5 tcker symbols I did not get a response. Then I was charged $59 again on 3/8; I submitted 1 ticker symbol; what pops up is the 1 week trial offer, as if I am not a member! I was again charged $59 on 4/8. I just woke up to the fact that this is a scam. I’m an old widow on social security only and I cannot afford to lose $177 for nothing.

by Bob on Vector Vest
Pros(Option): I like their charts and their info is easier to review

I, ve had VV for some time and they give me a reduced rate. My contacts with them have been good. You can, get their results because you are not at the same time and you probably don't want odd lots plus what happens in the past is no guarantee for the future. However I like their charts and their info is easier to review than other sources. I like the fact it is just based on the numbers rather than hype.

by Bob on Vector Vest

Hi Martin Ewing:I have had VV for a while and I wouldn’t say it’s a scam, It’s an easy way for them to make money. If this system would really work, they would go out and buy tons of stock themselves and make all kinds of money. I have actually made money since I have them but i didn’t pay attention to when they make a decision on a hold, sell or buy. I just use them for buy recommendation and use them for stock information. If I paid attention to their calls, i would be penniless now. They strongly recommend a stock this week and next week they change and say its a hold or a sell, only because the stock went down. I’ve done well because when they put its a sell i buy more and keep my average lower. I am going to cancel it next week anyways. I will never subscribe to any other program because I no longer believe in paying someone to help you lose money.

by rick on Vector Vest

I agreed to a 3 month FREE trial. I immediately emailed them and said I wanted to cancel at the end of the trial unless I contacted them againI received a telephone call from a VV representative…he wanted to provide a tutorial on their program. Now I am being billed and I've been told that I agreed to pay for their program during the telephone call Why would I do that? They are a dubious company…

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