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Marketclub is a trading system that gives you daily, weekly and monthly trading signals for different markets, including stocks, forex pairs, commodities, options, futures and ETFs.

In addition, MarketClub is an online charting system that is constantly scanning 230,000 symbols with buy or sell signals deigned to help traders research, get in and out of trades as quickly and efficiently as possible with a number of different technical patterns and other criteria.

Therefore it is ideal for short, medium and long-term traders and investors.

If you would like to find out more about this signal service and test it out for yourself, you can currently take advantage of a 30-day trial to Marketclub for only $8.95, but in this article I want to provide you with a detailed review of Marketclub, and discuss a few tips and strategies that will potentially help you make money from these signals.

Try MarketClub for 30 days for only $8.95

How Does the MarketClub Work?

The Trade Triangles are MarketClub’s proprietary indicators and tell you EXACTLY when to get into and out of the market! This system allows you to easily establish the direction and strength of a market and verify the trend on three different time frames. The Trade Triangles put the mathematical odds in your favor that you will be on the winning side of a swing.


The RED and GREEN triangles signify trend direction on a monthly, weekly and daily level. Triangles are placed in real-time when a trend change is triggered by our proprietary algorithm. The Triangles are produced for all 350,000 symbols we track. Once the Trade Triangles are produced, they are never removed and are able to be backtested according to your own unique trading style.

  • GREEN Triangles suggest positive trends.
  • RED Triangles suggest negative trends.

The Trade Triangle algorithm is comprised of weighted factors that include, but are not limited to price change, percentage change, moving averages, and new highs/lows.

The Trade Triangle algorithm is not intended to catch tops and bottoms, but instead identifies the majority of a swing trend. By allowing the trend to mature before a Triangle is issued, we can trust that the trend is more established. This reduces risk, while still allowing you to catch most of the move. Check out this help video How to use the Trade Triangles “ to find out more details.

Main Features of Marketclub

Researching and planning trades can take hours, and let’s face it, traders don’t have hours to waste. What you need is a tool to give you an edge on the markets and to help you make educated decisions based on the technicals and not your emotion.

MarketClub puts all of your research tools in one easy to use package that together gives you the edge you need to build and manage your investments.

Entry & Exit Signals

Exact entry and exit signals on 320,000+ stock, ETF, futures, mutual fund, and forex charts.

Smart Scan: Scans more than 230,000 symbols to identify


Trending patterns that fit the exact parameters of what you’re interested trading. Quickly look through stocks, futures, etf’s and mutual funds for volume, price and exchange criteria that you choose.

Trade Triangles: Created by a former professional floor trader and engineered by a technical prodigy.

Trade Triangles are easy to read buy and sell signals on customizable charts. By using these buy/sell signals, traders enter trends which puts the odds in their favor that a movement will continue.

Daily Portfolio Summary & Email Alerts.


MarketClub can quickly alert you of major market occurrences that directly affect your portfolio. You customize your parameters and we will send you a message when symbols in your portfolio have hit a new price breakout, net change, triangle issued, 1,3,4 or 52 week high or low and strong or weak DMA.

Trade School & Members Blog

Video and audio webinars, downloadable workbooks, and current daily articles from some of the most well-respected traders and chartists.

Try MarketClub for 30 days for only $8.95

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