Privacy Policy is very concerned about maintaining the integrity of the personal information provided by users and members of our site, we have gone the extra mile to insure that our members can feel comfortable that their online privacy is being protected.

To insure the integrity of all such information, shall not disclose, sell, trade or share with third parties, including advertisers or organizations, such data, unless such data should fall within one of the following categories:

  • Information necessary to enforce the rules and regulations that are outlined in the Member Agreement and other implementing regulation statements such as the Privacy Policy.
  • Information necessary for related activities, such as customer service, without regard to the form of the communication/service or the medium involved.
  • Information that is required to prevent the fraudulent, misleading, or unauthorized use of
  • Information in general that is the subject of a court order, subpoena or other administrative order. will not release such information/data unless it, in good faith, has determined that such an informational release is required.
  • Information/data pertaining to activities that have been received and collated as a result of member activity on the web site. shall not publish or release the names/identities of members involved in activities on our site and/or any chat room however participants must realize that participants internet IP address may be revealed in such mediums and is beyond the control of
  • Proprietary information/data owned by , as described in the Member Agreement.
  • Server and related information: As a natural consequence of member activity on the, certain server data, such as IP addresses and host names, are collected. This information is used for internal purposes to continually improve services to our registered members. This information/data is considered confidential and shall not be revealed or published as long as it is within our control to prevent.

Cookies: In order to provide our registered members with the highest quality service available, may at’s sole discretion use a cookie file(s) so that registered members can avoid the need to log in every time they wish to review their account information. shall take all actions possible to safeguard member information/data and, with this purpose in mind, if you should have any questions relating to any issue discussed herein you can contact us at the following address: