Penny Stock Prophet – PennyStockProphet Review

What is the PennyStockProphet?

Penny Stock Prophet is a penny stock picker which works to identify soon be profitable penny stocks and notify you so that you can invest accordingly. It is taking the trading world by storm! The System built and operated by James Connelly.

If you haven’t yet heard of James Connelly, it’s probably because he is more commonly known by his nickname, “The Penny Stock Prophet,” given to him by his peers due to his uncanny ability to discover “breakout” penny stocks just days before they experience RECORD gains.

In the last 12 months, Connelly AKA “The Penny Stock Prophet” has become an internet sensation due to his stock picking strategy, that has changed the lives of hundreds of his followers.

James Connelly was a college student majoring in applied mathematics, when he stumbled upon a secret mathematical formula that made him an absolute fortune in the stock market… Over a period of 13 months he earned an average of 126% gains on every trade, Turning his initial investment of $1000… into $1.4 million!

To be honest, it seems like an impossibly high number. The initial thoughts about it were totally negative. But to be frank, when I saw the video proof of Penny Stock Prophet’s stock picks and “60-day money back guarantee”. I thought I should definitely give a trial to this stock picking system… I have to say that I am very pleased. This is an excellent system, I simply followed the directions. In 2 months I’ve made $4,182 in profit, in just 9 trades! No kidding 😉

See how “Penny Stock Prophet” compared against the other top penny stock picking systems.

See Proof Of One Of The Penny Stock Prophet’s Stock Picks Turn $1000 Into $2500 In Just 1 Day With Penny Stocks!

In an effort to provide the best possible service for their members. Membership to James’ PennyStockProphet Newsletter will be limited to only 500 new subscribers! In fact, right now the form to become a member may have already been blocked… Click here to check it out!

How Does It Work?

James Connelly uses his own mathematical algorithm based on how the Psychological Support Level (PSL) affects his 4 shared variables of analyzing winning stocks.

Penny Stock Prophet is a subscription newsletter system. Using it is really, really easy. You get an email that quickly talks about recent picks and the results of those picks. Then right below those few paragraphs you’ll get today’s pick along with the appropriate buy and sell points and some info about the stock… You will know the exact point to enter a stock, and the exact sell point, to help you maximize your profits.

There is no need to worry if you do not know anything about the shares and stocks. It does not matter even if you have attempted and learnt about this before. All the advice for you is waiting and you just got to invest and wait for returns. Quick start guide will also be provided for you to get going. This will contain all the information on how to deposit funds, setting up the trade account, and how to trade alongside the penny stock prophet in just a day.

It’s seriously that simple and you can see a sample of the newsletter below…

To prove to you how James’ system will get you 126% or more gains on a regular basis he even sends you 4 FREE stock picks to get you started without you having to lay out any money at all. Try out 4 FREE Stock Picks From PennyStockProphet Here.

Price: For a One Time Fee of $47 and 8 Week, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

For those 8 weeks you don’t have to risk any of your money. Just study the stocks James chooses using something like Yahoo or Google Finance and you’ll obtain the result, or you can start with demo account so that you don’t loose money before you are confident implementing the system.

 Visit Penny Stock Prophet

See how “Penny Stock Prophet” compared against the other top penny stock picking systems.

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  1. Thank you for your thorough review of Penny Stock Prophets. It is real information like this that is most valuable to me , and I would suspect most others looking into this. Your unbiased review of facts has helped me make a decision that this is probably not for me. Thanks again.

  2. Buying Penny stocks is considered a high-risk investment, meaning that you may lose big. But this also means that you can earn extremely high returns in a short time. The risk and potential earnings are what keep people trading these stocks.

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    Obtain and pick some good things from you and it helps me to solve a problem, thanks.

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