Time To Grade The Financial Markets and Yourself – Mike Swanson (06/07/2016)


By Mike Swanson on Wed, 06/07/2016 from: http://wallstreetwindow.com/

With the S&P 500 at 2,100 it’s now time to grade the market and your own performance.

The stock market went up yesterday following the Yellen talk in which she said the economy is doing good, but she can’t raise rates now, because it’s not doing good, but wants to do so in the future.

Expect her to stick now to this line for months on end.

It is now time though to step back and see what is happening not just to the US stock market, but to ALL financial markets so far this year.

Here is an interesting performance chart from Finviz.com showing how everything has performed.

Take a look.

So the S&P 500 is up 4.3% as of this morning year to date while the Nasdaq 100 is red.

Of course it is a basket of soft commodities leading the way this year and silver and gold, with gold up 16.5% year to date, which makes the performance of the S&P 500 look like a total joke.

At the top of this graphic much of what you seeing are big gains that are coming at the start of new bull markets, although I’m skeptical that oil is actually starting a new bull market this year).

But this is where the money is going.

To beat the market you cannot be one of those people that puts all of their money in the US stock market in hopes of making some giant killing, but instead you need to spread out in what is really working and going up for real.

Today the market is gapping up and US stock market bubble bulls are excited, because the S&P 500 is above 2,100 today, but it could dump on them today who knows.

There are people on margin in this market dreaming of a giant stairway to heaven run, because they love to gamble it up.

This year I have been warning of the risks in the stock market as I did last year and I publicly talk about shorting and betting against stocks – and I have some bets against junk POS stocks. In fact I just shorted a new debt buyback disaster stock the other week.

As a result I get angry messages from these bubble bulls, because they hate hearing from someone who is not chasing their favorite market fads and Cramer picks.

One email I got yesterday demanded to know when I will “capitulate” and give up on being cautious on the stock market and start to buy.

He said the S&P 500 is going to go above 2,100 by year end.

He assumed I was somehow losing money.

Well I looked at my account today and I’m 10.66% year to date in my largest account.

This can change tomorrow though and a few weeks ago I was up just over 4% as I had a dip myself with a pullback in many of my long positions (although that was still better than the S&P 500 at that time too).

The important thing is that I’m beating the stock market like crazy so far this year and I have no doubt that I am probably beating this bubble bull too.

So when he makes assumptions in his bubble brain that people who are not all long the US stock market ETF’s and stocks like Facebook and Apple are “missing out” he is totally deluding himself.

I own both long and short positions so am operating like a hedge fund and using the ETF rebalancing strategy I talk about with the bulk of my money.

What the market does today or tomorrow isn’t that important to me (although I think it’s just a dead stock market that will lead to a big drop later this summer).

It’s time to grade the markets and yourself.

Are you beating the S&P 500 this year?

It’s actually not hard to do that, because so many new bull markets are starting outside of it and it hasn’t really done much this year.

Just look at the chart above.

If you are fully invested in lots of stocks and not beating the market that’s not because you cannot pick out stocks, but because most stocks are simply dead now.

Apple is the poster boy for dead stocks, because everyone owns it and just about everyone who bought it in the past 18 months is losing money.

That’s because we are in a nasty market with a lot of problems in it.

What the stock market bubble bull doesn’t understand is that there is more to investing than just buying into the US stock market and hoping that it will go up again like it did in 1999.

To invest properly you need to diversify into a mix of markets and asset classes, because the times of watching the US stock market go up to new highs and beyond month after month are over and will not come back now FOR YEARS.

And if you want to buy individual stocks you need to be buying mining stocks, because that is where the action is now.

And if you still want to just trade the US stock market you need to be able to move in both directions.

Boosting returns through safe diversification and not desperate gambling or “fast money” style plays is what I advocate.

It really isn’t about predicting the future like most people think or talk like it is.

If you never read my last book The Stock Market Bubble Bust of 2015 and Beyond now is a good time to do it, because it lays out a simple money management and asset allocation strategy that anyone can use and is what is enabling me to beat the market this year with little worry.

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Donald Trump Will Fire Janet Yellen and Be Trapped

by Mike Swanson from http://wallstreetwindow.com/(04/27/2016)

Donald Trump has made statements to the effect this week that if he were to become President he would fire Janet Yellen.


His statements are important because just yesterday he demolished his opponents in a series of primaries that increase his odds to get the Republican nomination. His chief opponent Ted Cruz posted a dismal failure and has been unable to convince people that he can be a viable national candidate against the Democrats.

The Donald met with a group of editors at Fortune magazine and told them that he “would be more inclined to put other people in” to lead the Federal Reserve.

He also said that he supports Congressional moves to audit the Federal Reserve and have more oversight over it.

However, he also said that he is very happy with the low interest rate policies that the Federal Reserve has enacted.

“The best thing we have going for us is that interest rates are so low,” said Trump, “there are lots of good things that could be done that aren’t being done, amazingly.”

The tough thing about low interest rates though is that it has made it impossible for people to make any money from their savings in CD’s or in their bank accounts.

It has simply made buying debt instruments such as Treasury bonds that yield nothing crazy.

And it has caused many people to risk all of their money on stock market speculations or simply sit there in fear doing nothing with their money.

The problem now is that low rates pushed so much money into the stock market over the years that it became so highly valued by 2014 that it simply is no longer going anywhere.

In fact Donald Trump sold out of many of his stock investments in 2014 and 2015 thinking that the market had become a “giant fat bubble.”

He in fact warned that this was creating a dangerous situation for the economy back on this August, 2015 interview on Bloomberg:

Trump told Fortune magazine this month that “the problem with low interest rates is that it’s unfair that people who’ve saved every penny, paid off mortgages, and everything they were supposed to do and they were going to retire with their beautiful nest egg and now they’re getting one-eighth of 1%. I think that’s unfair to those people.”

Zero rates have caused distortions in the financial markets and are now causing problems inside the stock market.

This is why the current rally in the stock market has been unable to go through last year’s highs and has stalled out. And now we are seeing high profile earnings blow ups from companies such as Apple, Twitter, IBM, and Google that shows that the highs are not justified.

Janet Yellen bears a huge responsibility for this, because she has created an overinflated stock market by trying to control things too much.


But even if Trump does become President and fires her he will not really abandon her policies, because he would be trapped by them.

The United States is simply so far in debt now that any rate increases would wreck the economy.

Trump told Fortune magazine that “people think the Fed should be raising interest rates. If rates are 3% or 4% or whatever, you start adding that kind of number to an already reasonably crippled economy in terms of what we produce, that number is a very scary number.”

So Trump knows he cannot do much to change Federal Reserve policy and won’t really be able to change things.

The problem is that most stock market investors are also stuck in this situation and so are no longer making any real money in their investment accounts.

The thing is there are things changing in the financial markets now that does enable people to benefit who recognize what is happening.

The number one thing that is happening so far this year is a new bull market in gold and gold mining stocks.

People need to become players in the gold market now not only to protect themselves from a future debt mess by diversifying their portfolio properly, but to simply benefit in what is now the sector that is simply going to continue to go up faster than any other sector of the stock market.

They say a new bull market starts somewhere and this year it is in gold and mining stocks.

I am now investing in new mining stocks almost every single week and doing everything I can to help people learn how to get involved in this sector.

Take a look at the GDX gold stock ETF, because the gains in it have been huge so far and are only just starting.


It broke through its 200-day moving average and completed its transition from a stage one base and into a full blown stage two bull market.

The reason why gold and mining stocks are doing this is because people are slowly realizing that the Federal Reserve has trapped the nation with low interest rates and is not going to be able to raise them, because corporate and government debt has skyrocketed.

In December the Fed raised rates once and predicted that they would raise rates four times in 2016.

Then after the stock market dipped in January and February they took those predictions back and now they are saying they hope they will be able to do it twice by the end of the year.

But if the market dips again they’ll even stop talking about those potential rate hikes.

So we are going to see more money printing going forward and that means a weaker US dollar and more rising gold prices.

And more rising gold prices means more explosive moves are coming in mining stocks.

It’s as a simple as that.

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Timothy Sykes Review

Timothy Sykes is the most common name in the market and chances are high that you have heard of him. If not, he is is an American stock trader, entrepreneur, and penny stock expert.

about-tim-sykesTimothy Sykes was born in Orange, Connecticut in 1981. In 1999, while he still in high school, Timothy Sykes took $12,415 he had received in bar mitzvah gift money and began day trading penny stocks. He would turn this initial investment into over $1.65 million by trading thousands of crappy penny stocks before the age of 21. He continues to rake in profits to date.

In 2016, he has an estimated net worth of $6 million. What’s incredible is the growth he has made just a few years.

Teaching and other projects

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In December 2013, CNN Money featured Tim and his student Grittani on the website’s homepage. Under Sykes’s guidance and coaching, Grittani turned $1,500 into over $1 million in 3 years. Grittani was Sykes’s second student to earn over $1 million following Sykes’s strategies.

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Wall Street Window Review


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Today’s Top Volume ETF Is Crazy and Toxic

By Mike Swanson on Wed, 04/20/2016 – 10:47 from: http://wallstreetwindow.com/

Topics:  Gold Investing and Gold Stocks

I am writing this at 10:36 AM and the top traded ETF today is an ETF that is killing people.

The symbol is DUST and if you have been trading it you need to stop.

This exchange traded fund is toxic.

It has its role, but unfortunately it is ruining almost everyone who is touching it.

Let me explain.

Look at this chart:


What you are looking at is the DUST ETF and it has done 25 million in shares of trading so far this morning!

This year almost every day it shows up as a top five ETF in terms of shares traded and dollar volume.

You could say a total mania has formed in this ETF and yet all of the ETF has done is go down to kill people buying it.

This ETF a triple short gold stocks ETF.

Gold stocks started a new bull market this year and the GDX ETF is already up over 100% from its January low.

And as I said yesterday silver is in a new bull market too.

People investing in gold stocks and ETF’s are making a lot of money and I believe it is only begun.

And yes I am a GDX owner.

Now DUST people try to trade DUST, because it moves so much it will eat you alive if you hold it and it goes against you.

So some people are trying to pick tops in gold stocks by buying DUST.

And they are failing.

One problem is that people are looking at the commitment of traders reports in the futures market to pick a top.

The thing is these reports no longer work the way they did in the past for gold, because gold is now in a bull market.

As a result the open interest in the gold market is exploding so previous high and low levels in these futures reports no longer are working in picking tops so they are causing people to make mistakes.

The second problem is that people are assuming that because gold has had sharp moves up and so have the gold stocks that they have to fall.

But when bull markets start after huge and long bear markets they often go up without pulling back as much as people expect.

That’s what the US stock market did in 2009 for example.

The reality is that trying to short gold or gold stocks or buy DUST to trade against them is NUTS in this type of market.

In a bull market you want to go with the trend and not against it.

The only way you can use DUST is in conjunction with the minute dip trend or with some sort of computerized robot style quantitative system.

That’s a very tough game to play and DUST trading is proven to me a messy distraction for too many people.

So if you have been trading DUST and losing money than you need to stop it.

And do not feel bad about it, because a lot of people are trying to do it judging by the crazy trading volume it is doing.

Look there is a lot of money to be made in trading and investing in gold, but the best way to make money is to use a simple system.

And that means going with the big trend of a market and not trying to jump and out.

I have created my Total Gold Trading Program to help you learn to do just that.

It also includes as a bonus a 30-day trial to my Power Investor Service.

Each week now I am finding new gold stock ideas and this is now the time to do it.

So to start to take advantage of this new big gold trend go here.